about clothesline

The Clothesline brand was created in 1997 out of what was once Durban’s most successful clothing and shoe chain store, Scotts.

Leighton Redfern and Brett Oxley may have taken a brave step when they initially launched their leisurewear brand, but it now dominates the East Coast’s holiday clothing scene.

During this time it carved out its own niche in the retail market, not competing with mainstream chains but by stocking holidaywear and swimwear all year round. Where else could you buy a bikini in the middle of Durban’s warm winters?

In 2000, Chih Yen Hsueh, with a background of 15 years in advertising and 12 years in clothing manufacture, joined the company as the third partner.

Due to repeated requests to open stores in other areas of the country, Clothesline is now selling online nationwide. Clothesline’s brand and style may be unique to the East Coast, but now everybody can top up their summer wardrobes any time.

Much of Clothesline’s range is designed and manufactured locally, ensuring consistency of sizing and quality, whilst also supporting our local manufacturers.

Despite repeated requests to open stores in other areas of the country, the partners are adamant that Clothesline will remain an East Coast brand. And for a very good reason: Clotheline’s offering is unique to the East Coast, which means that holidaymakers return every year to top up on their summer wardrobes.