Keep Your Clothes Wrinkle-free When Travelling

Keep Your Clothes Wrinkle-free When Travelling
Stay looking fresh on your next holiday!

There’s nothing worse than packing the perfect outfits for your holiday, only to find them wrinkled and creased upon arrival! We’ve put together our top tips for preventing clothing creases (and what to do if you find yourself in a crumpled situation.)

Tip #1
Pack light – stuffing your suitcase to the brim is sure to wrinkle all of your carefully packed clothing! We’re all guilty of packing some things that we “may need at some point”, but if your luggage seems too full, pack the essentials first and then add some “maybe” items afterwards.

Tip #2
Roll it up – your pants and T-shirts will thank you for it! Not only does this keep your clothes from wrinkling but packing your clothes in tight rolls creates more space in your suitcase (perhaps you can add a few more “maybe” items, after all…). For other clothing items, we recommend folding them into neat squares.

Tip #3
Minimize friction – wrinkles come about when clothes press against each other and cause friction; place a piece of tissue paper or a plastic bag between folded clothing items to stop them from creasing as much.

Tip #4
Keep it bottom heavy – consider how your luggage will be sitting for the duration of your journey and pack the heavies items at the bottom accordingly; this way, none of your clothes will get squashed down when you lift up your suitcase.

Tip #5
Lose the wrinkle, go crinkle – forget the hassle of keeping your clothes wrinkle free and stick with crinkle items! Crinkle cotton is absolutely perfect for travelling, as you can fold it, roll it, squish it, and it will just look better! Crinkle cotton will have you looking effortlessly chic without any hassle. Shop the perfect crinkle item for you now.

If you do find yourself in an emergency wrinkle situation when you arrive at your destination – don’t worry! There are still some tricks you can try.

Tip #6
Hang up your creased items as soon as you arrive and let gravity work do the work for you.

Tip #7
Hang the clothing in your bathroom, close the door and run a very hot shower. The steam should help smooth out any wrinkles.

Tip #8
If all else fails and there are a few stubborn wrinkles left, take a hair straightener to them. It works as a makeshift iron, just be careful not to burn your clothing!

These eight tips should keep your clothes looking fresh and wrinkle-free next for your holiday photos!

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