The Best Fabrics for You

The Best Fabrics for You
Cotton, viscose, rayon, polyester, linen… It’s enough to make your head spin!

Summer is around the corner, which means long warm days in the sun – let’s break down some must-have fabrics for your closet that will keep you cool this summer season, and which materials to avoid.

Cotton is the most popular natural fabric in the world and makes for the comfiest clothes for warm, humid days! Since cotton fibres are all natural, this soft material feels great on all skin types and is wonderfully. Cotton works for all seasons really; it keeps you cool in the summer and warm in winter months!

Why we love it: cotton clothing is highly breathable and works it’s magic to absorb perspiration from your body which is then evaporated into the air – so even on the warmest days, cotton will keep you looking fresh and breezy, no sweat.

Linen is also woven from natural fibres, and is perfect for summer. It is breathable, lightweight and it dries quickly, and feels wonderfully cool and airy on the skin. Take note – the longer you wear it, the softer it gets!

Why we love it: linen’s classic, stylish texture makes for an elegant outfit that will take you from a summer’s day to a warm night. Try to avoid wearing linen on linen – we love pairing this fabric with other natural fabrics such as cotton.

Viscose is also commonly known as Rayon or Modal, and is neither man made nor synthetic; instead it is manufactured from natural fibres. This fabric is soft and smooth to the touch and is quite absorbent, making it a great material for warm climates!

Why we love it: viscose is a thinner thread and is thus more lightweight and delicate, often draping beautifully over the body.

Crinkle Cotton
Crinkle is a natural fabric that has been woven to create a crinkle texture. It is by far the easiest fabric to care for, and is absolutely perfect for holidays away, as you can (quite literally) throw your clothes into a suitcase and they are good to go when you arrive at your destination – the more crinkled, the better!

Why we love it: crinkle creates the perfect, effortlessly classy look that keeps you looking – and feeling – cool.

Polyester is a synthetic material made through a chemical process. It is quite a popular fabric these days, as it is durable and it holds its shape incredibly well.

Most clothes have a blend of the above fabrics, so be sure to check out the label when you’re buying your summer wardrobe!

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