Your Beach Essentials Checklist

Your Beach Essentials Checklist
We’ve got you covered!

It’s a glorious day outside and you’re dying to hit the beach to soak up some sun – but wait! Don’t forget to pack these essentials before hitting the coastline.

#1. Sunscreen
This is arguably the most important item to pack. The sun’s rays are extremely harsh, especially towards midday, and can be highly damaging to the skin. Be sure to apply plenty of sunscreen at regular intervals throughout the day, especially if you’re going to be in and out of the water. If you’re bringing children to the beach, we highly recommend purchasing some kiddie’s sunscreen – it has gentler ingredients and helps protect softer skin. A painful sunburn can ruin even the most wonderful holidays, and you definitely don’t want to look like a tomato in your holiday photos!

#2. Beach towel
Whether you’re planning on having a swim in the ocean or lying on the sand to soak up some sun, a beach towel is a must. If you’re going to be going in and out of the water, we recommend bringing two towels just in case – one to dry off and one to lie on to relax. If you love the beach, keep an extra towel in the car in the case of a spontaneous beach adventure!

#3. Swimsuit
Swimsuits are an absolute staple for the beach whether you’re having a swim or soaking up some rays, and they are a fun way to show off your style! We’ve got loads of designs to choose from for every body type – find your perfect fit and turn some heads next time you hit the beach.

#4. Water
Beach time means hot sun and humidity, so be sure to stay hydrated. Pack a few water bottles in a cooler bag and throw in an ice brick to keep them chilled. Note that although tasty, drinks like Coca Cola and iced coffees contain caffeine and will actually dehydrate you faster, so don’t replace your water with them.

#5. Beach bag
Keep all your essentials in a large, trendy beach bag to stay both organized and stylish! Shop our selection of beach bags and find the perfect one for you.

#6. Hat and sunglasses
Stay cool and protected with a large beach hat and some fashionable sunglasses. Mix and match them with your outfit to create different looks!

#7. Entertainment
Prepare for a fun-filled day by packing a good book or magazine, earphones to listen to music, or even some playing cards if it’s not too windy. For the kids, bring a beach ball, a bucket and spade or a kite for hours of fun.

#8. Flip flops
Keep your feet comfortable and cool by wearing some flip flops that are easy to slip on and off (and that look great with your outfit!).

#9. Kaftan
Complete your look by throwing on a stylish kaftan over your swimsuit for an easy, chic outfit when you venture off the beach. We’ve got gorgeous light kaftans in lots of styles – get shopping!

#10. Plastic bags
There’s one reason why you never forget a good day on the beach… There’s sand on everything when you get home! Keep your valuable items such as cellphones and wallets in a sealable storage bags to keep sand from getting all over, and store some plastic packets in your car to keep your sandy towels at the end of a great beach day.

Those are our top ten beach essentials to guarantee a fantastic day by the ocean – we hope you have a fantastic time at your next beach outing!

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